Wealthy Affiliate "Quick Start Setup" Instructions:
(WA TeamCEO Affiliates)

Below are the "Quick Start" steps to complete immediately after joining Wealthy Affiliate...

Upon joining Wealthy Affiliate (WA), the members area may appear a bit overwhelming at first glance (probably because you are excited to get started), but this guide will show you the main quick tasks to complete immediately after joining, which will set the foundation for you to begin promoting (WA) as an affiliate.

Completing the following steps will get you settled in as a Wealthy Affiliate member.

Once your account has been properly setup, it will allow "your" (WA) referrals to properly seup their accounts (and likely upgrade to PREMIUM) which will be completely automated without any further effort from you.

Follow each step carefully (and completely)... take your time and have fun!

STEP 1: Immediately after joining Wealthy Affiliate, log into the members dashboard and click the green "Get Started Here" button. Here you will see a welcome letter which is Lesson #1 (of a 10 part course). For now, only complete Lesson #1... and you can return to the course later if you choose to.

Read the welcome letter and complete the 3 tasks on that page:

Task #1: Watch The Walk Through Video

Task #2: Complete Your Account Set-up

Task #3: Understand Your Membership

Once you have completed those tasks, check the 4 boxes at the bottom of the letter which will mark the tasks as complete.

Make sure that you have completed your account set-up (including your profile description and photo) by clicking "Account Settings" at the bottom of the left members menu.

STEP #2: Access your Wealthy Affiliate (affiliate links) to start earning monthly commissions as a WA affiliate. In the (Affiliate Program) section of the left members menu, click the "WA Affiliate Program" link. Here is your affiliate dashboard and you will find your unique affiliate link (to the WA homepage) near the top of the page. Copy the affiliate link and paste it into your browser window to see it in action. Anyone who signs up through your affiliate link will become your referral which you will earn monthly commissions for every one of your referral upgrades.

Next to your affiliate link on the affiliate dashboard, you will see a blue "View More Links" button. Clicking this button will open up 4 additional affiliate links that you can use to promote Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate (homepage, premium promo, create account promo, SiteRubix websites, and your profile).

Lastly (but also important) on the (WA) "affiliate dashboard", you will notice 7 tabs ("just below" the search bar at the top of the page). These tabs give you full access to all of the tools needed for promoting Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate including Banners pre-coded with your affiliate link (on the last tab). Get yourself very familiar with the (WA) "affiliate dashboard"

[ WealthyClick.club "Affiliate Wealth Complete" fully automated referral capture page ]:

Grab your Wealthy Affiliate (WA) personal ID# and take it to the following link... but be sure that your Wealthy Affiliate (WA) membership is completely setup first, or it will not work properly:


STEP #3: [ VERY IMPORTANT ] - From the main members area, click "WA Affiliate Program" (near the bottom of the left members menu), then click the "Messages" tab (just below) the search bar (at the top of the page). Here is where your messages are "automatically" posted to your "referrals profile" after they join WA. Each message post has a specific purpose at a specific time of your referrals membership to help them get started quickly and easily.

To save you time on having to write these messages correctly yourself (which you can certainly do if you'd like), I have created each message that you can simply copy and paste into each message area. Copy each document message below and paste it into the designated message area of your affiliate dashboard by clicking the blue "Edit" next to each message option.

Click each link below to access each pre-written message:

Welcome Message

Follow up (Account Setup Complete)

Follow up (Account Not Setup)

Welcome to Premium (Monthly)

Welcome to Premium (Yearly)


[ Note ]: Once you begin getting referrals, check your referrals profile to make sure that your referrals are receiving your "auto messages" and that all of the the text in the messages are displaying correctly.

STEP #4:
Now that you are fully equipped to promote Wealthy Affiliate as an online affiliate, click the black "Affiliate Bootcamp" button in the left members menu. Here you will be on lesson #1 (of a 10 part phase). For now, only complete Lesson #1 and you can return to this bootcamp later. Please keep in mind that Wealthy Affiliate highly encourages you to create your own personal website (through Wealthy Affiliate) to promote anything that you desire... and this lesson #1 will introduce you to that process. But just know that you can simply promote your (WA) affiliate links without ever having a website of your own.

STEP #5: Now you are all settled in as a Wealthy Affiliate member (and affiliate) and you can further begin exploring ALL of the links, courses, lessons and tools in the left members menu. Take your time exploring and getting familiar with the community to determine which direction you would like to go... either being an online affiliate... or running your own online business or income generating blog.

STEP #6: I personally created a (WA) referral capture page (through Wealthy Affiliate Site Rubix) specifically to promote (WA) as an affiliate which eliminated the need to have to discover a niche or product.

Here is the fully automated "Affiliate Wealth Complete" referral capture page that I created that "any" Wealthy Affiliate (WA) members can use to get referrals to their Wealthy Affiliate (WA) affiliate link ID#:


Simply enter your Wealthy Affiliate (WA) unique ID# and promote... the rest will be completely automated!

These 6 steps should be enough to get the ball rolling for you as a new (WA) member and affiliate.

The most important key to becoming really successful as an online affiliate is to "become a professional at promoting affiliate links". Learn every possible thing that you can about promoting affiliate links online by watching the Wealthy Affiliate video courses, watching YouTube videos on affiliate link promotion and searching Google!

Remember, all you need as a Wealthy Affiliate (PREMUIM member) to earn $5000+ per month is "223 upgraded referrals" (or FREE members will need"445 upgraded referrals").

Even if it takes a year (or two... or even three) to reach that goal, wouldn't it be worth it?

Much success!!!

P.S. - Save the link to this page to send to your referrals also!


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